Vitale Studio is integrated by Santiago Martín ( Jerez de la Frontera,1978), Carlos Folch (Castellón,1976) and Lucía Chover (Valencia, 1976). Graduated in Industrial Design at the University of Jaume I in Castellon, Spain. They extend their education through the Master in New Trends and Communication skills as well as the Master in design and manufacturing.They established their Studio in 2005 after having worked with companies specialized in Habitat, Exhibition furniture and Interiors. 
Vitale Studio is specialized in Corporative Design with a global projection which includes all areas related with branding, interior design, corporative and commercial spots, product, graphic and communication design. They create products and Interiorism Projects with an strategic perspective where design has an integrative approach that promotes the brand’s creation. 
The studio has been awarded several times, the last one with the first prize at the International Design contest CETEM 2013.