Carlo Cumini

GEMONA DEL FRIULI (ITALY)_ CARLO CUMINI. When Carlo Cumini nished his studies in 1974 begins to work in the family business. Since his arrival, and thanks to his special and natural sense of aesthetics, the company is guided towards a contemporary look. During the next years, the company turns into a regional, and then national, reference point of the design decoration. In 1989 Carlo Cumini knows Luciano Marson and Paolo Chiarot, both entrepreneurs, with whom he founds Horm. Cumini joins them as art director and designer of numerous products for the company collection. Cumini combines his designer’s activity with the family company management. Then, in 1995, almost by pure chance, he begins with a businessman friend a furniture production with an ethnic style. What started as an adventure, today continues to be a project with big satisfactions. Some years later, Carlo Cumini approaches the lighting world collaborating with companies as Luc’è, whose products are considered to be a classic reference of the minimalist design. In the mid 90s, Carlo Cumini was actively engaged to the growth of his family business, opening one of the rst Italian concept stores. The continuous search of new brands and his experience as designer brings him in 2000 to the complete interior design of the Contemporary Art Museum in Caracas. Since then, Carlo Cumini continues designing and creating unique pieces and small furniture series. In 2015, Carlo Cumini comes back to his real passion, the lighting design, and creates Konica lamp for Fambuena.