Passion and Feeling for Light.

Heirs to a tradition of years in the manufacture of lamps. At fambuena we want to excite through light. For this we return to work with noble materials, which shape the light and play with the emotions of the spectator, immersing them in a warm and intimate atmosphere. With materials such as Brass, Marble or Alabaster in our deigns, it allows us to create unique pieces.

Thanks to the fact we work with local suppliers, we can guarantee that our products are made in Spain and it allows us to adapt easily to the requirements of our customers.

At fambuena we want to excite with light. We believe in being close with our clients and we know how to adapt to their needs. All this maintaining the essence of gambuena, characterized by minimalism, functionality and the peculiar use of light as an element that excited and seduces.

We turn tradition into emotion through luminaries. The best of tradition to express the beauty, balance and harmony of light.


Fambuena is a filter of light and ideas in pursuit of young minds all over the world. It interprets and manifests its vision and understanding of light and space, focusing on the environments and emotions created through the language of objects. It makes the world glow.

Material Romance

The soul of light rays. Their intangible beauty in the air that pervades people and places, creating a synergy of emotions, joining spaces and minds in a moment, in a glance. A romance of shape, space and light.

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